Carta del Comisario Pontificio al ex superior general P. Gustavo Nieto






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  1. Angela

    I also have HOPE when I read this letter. The part where is written that also priests within the IVE have written about the concerns they have…

  2. Angela

    I am flabbergasted reading this letter. I have never seen such a clear statement of putting up the middle finger to the Holy See, by a congregation who clearly believes they are the only true catholics on earth. This behavior starts already at the local level. They just put up a middle finger to anyone who they say is not with them. Without ever entering into a dia logue about things. As a mother of a kid, read ing this letter I would say to this Cardinal…of course you don't have any experience as a mother, but when a child tries to get a finger (more sweets for example) they will take your whole hand! This Cardinal is just too "sweet" and in the Netherlands we have a saying "soft healers make stinking wounds". So my wonder ing question is "how many more letters you will write allowing them to? As all mothers know, sometimes it is time for not a last warning but a punishment. Because as to my humble opinion the IVE system seems already to have proven they are not capable or better say not willing to change nor obeying to any Commissioner. Isn't that equal to disobeying God himself?